i won’t back down old school we won’t go back the future is female
solidarity booyah wish you were here we can be heroes
we are all immigrants wake up and fight hunky dory rebel rebel
i am an immigrant i’ve got this fear is not an option blessed be the refugees
give a damn they go low, we go high nevertheless, she voted nevertheless, she voted
where’ the outrage? equality till the break of dawn you don’t own me
i didn’t vote for him bad hombre dream on dreamers oh my my oh hell yes
educate girls, change the world california dreamin’ this ain’t no disco you’re too close
fight for freedom it’s only rock ‘n’ roll power to the people gold dust woman
everyday i’m hustlin’ come together keep on keepin’ on fight like a mother
nasty woman all rise your voice matters heart of glass
i won’t be silent november is coming who run the world? speak the truth
feminist mama knows best the revolution will not be tweeted get up stand up
don’t agonize, organize no sleep till brooklyn science not fiction respect your mother
we the people filthy mouthed wife nevertheless, she persisted stable genius
love trumps hate dream baby dream i miss barack fight for your right
hey ho, let’s go dancing queen hearts not parts liberté, égalité, fraternité
when there are nine beat the system down by law let the sunshine in
mothers. daughters. rebels. outlaw always down c’est la vie
love is love baby, baby, baby kindness matters
believe survivors all night long resist SYMBOLS
shake things up where is the love? love is all you need peace hand
heart of gold do your part; stay apart it’s only rock ‘n’ roll rainbow
stand together not my president i 🖤 new york sweetheart + initials
this is not a drill be the change good trouble peace vote hand