Raquel Allegra

Born in California, Raquel Allegra’s formative years encouraged a creative process of instinct, experiment and play. Full length webbed cocoon shapes evolved out of laborious experiments with oversized vintage tee’s recycled from the Los Angeles County Prison System, and informed a new informal beauty within the industry. 2009 marked a maturation for the brand as the collection expanded from Raquel’s trademark shredded tees to include richly textured pieces in deerskin, linen, cashmere, and French lace.

The RAQUEL ALLEGRA label garners admiration from celebrities, editors, stylists and savvy consumers worldwide from New York to Tokyo. Raquel remains dedicated to the tradition of artistry and craftsmanship in the fashion industry. Most of the collection is manufactured and dye everything in Los Angeles. Each one of our tie dye pieces is individually hand tied and dyed. We are also proud to support the CanopyStyle campaign to protect ancient and endangered forests during our fabric choice selection.